Name:  Mary.

Hometown:  Amherst, Wisconsin.

Education:  Stevens Point Vocational School.

Position: Licensed Practical Nurse – Staff Nurse.

Describe some of your job duties:  Coordinating my provider’s schedules and answering patient phone calls. Scheduling surgery cases and educating patients about their upcoming surgery.

Favorite thing about working at KC:  Friendly and pleasant providers and co-workers.

Hobbies:  Traveling the USA, spending time with the grandkids and reading.

Family:  Husband – Stan, Two sons – oldest son and daughter-in-law live in Virginia, youngest son, daughter-in-law and grandkids live in Park Ridge.

If you could be any office supply item, what would you be? And why?:  A paperclip, because I could travel all over the clinic to everyone’s desk, and when not traveling I could hang out with all my friends in a container on someone’s desk.