As spring approaches, Klasinski Clinic encourages you to get out and active in the warm weather! Going for a run in the sunshine while smelling that spring air is one of the best feelings! But are you ready for a lengthy jog? The proper running attire makes all the difference in a comfortable and enjoyable exercise experience.

Running Shoes

Of course, the most important attire for jogging is your running shoes. Choosing the right pair of shoes can mean the difference between a good workout or aches and pains after a run. According to, a pair of running shoes should last between 400 to 500 miles of running (3 or 4 months for regular runners). You will know if you need new shoes by finding wear in the midsoles and outsoles. You want to be sure you have the support needed for your feet!

There are many factors to finding your perfect running shoe. It depends on the way you run and the type of running you want to do. Luke Rowe, vice president of business development at Fleet Feet Sports, suggests purchasing from a sporting goods store where they really know what they are doing. The store employee should understand biomechanics and pronation patterns.


When choosing clothing for a run, you should wear workout clothes that are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and will offer sun protection in any season. Of course, safety is also a concern. Wearing clothes with reflectors with help protect you when you are running at dusk or dawn. It is also a good idea to look for clothes with pockets to hold your personal belongings as you jog and chafe-free seams placed away from areas that could impede your natural running motion. To learn more about choosing clothing to be the most comfortable for when you run, visit’s guide.


Once you find clothing that really works with your body as you run, exercising becomes so much more enjoyable! Consider gearing up with new running shoes and athletic attire for spring.

If you experience foot or ankle pain at any point during or after running, visit the Klasinski Clinic foot and ankle pain page to learn more.