Name: Shelly

Hometown:  Elmhurst, Illinois a suburb just west of Chicago.

Education:  I graduated from York Community High School in Elmhurst and went on to get my bachelor’s degree from UW-Stevens Point with a major in Athletic Training and a minor in biology. 

Position:  Athletic Trainer.

Describe some of your job duties:  I dabble in a little bit of everything here at the clinic.  I work closely with Dr. Banovetz to provide patient care.  I typically go in before him to do an evaluation for the patients and talk to them getting a little extra history.  After that I present to Dr. Banovetz and we go in to the patient room together to confirm a diagnosis and discuss treatment plans.  After he leaves, I help coordinate care with the patient and answer any other questions the patients may have or explain things in more detail.  I assist in the operating room from time to time.  I work with a group of my coworkers to coordinate the behind the scenes of the sports physicals we offer in the summer and work on our social medial presence.  I give my, usually unsolicited, two cents on marketing as well!  I also help provide sports medicine coverage. 

Favorite thing about working at KC:  My 2 favorite things about work at the clinic are the people that I get to work with day in and day out both the staff and the patients.  And the variety of things I get to do, whether it is patient education, social media, evaluating patients, covering a sporting event, or assisting in surgery.  Every single day is different and it keeps me on my toes!

Hobbies:  I love spending time with my family, singing with my daughters, being outdoors, triathlons, cooking, attempting to update our 100+ year old farm house, working out, gardening, and reading historical markers out loud.

Family/Pets:  My husband Noah, Daughters Lily, Faith and Eva and our chickens.

If you could be any office supply item, what would you be? And why?:  I would be stress ball because they ease stress, you can throw them at people, they’re a good conversation starter and they come in all different types.   I have a pretty sweet collection at my desk!